The importance of enjoying your wedding dress I Why a little dirt won't hurt


The importance of enjoying your wedding dress

I have long thought about how to put this headline. And this is not another article about trashing your wedding dress, no, not at all, but something I've been wanting to write for a very long time. It's about making the most out of it, loving it, cherishing it, enjoying it. If I had to boil it all down to one sentence, it'd be this:


"Brides, don't be afraid of getting your dresses dirty."


Before y'all are starting to get mad at me, hear me out!  I'm not saying you should jump into the nearest mud puddle or frog pond. (That is, unless you INSIST...  hey, I'm in!) 

I get it. Wedding dresses, in most cases, cost a fortune. You've spend hours and hours in search for the perfect dress that represents who YOU are as a human being and your personality. You want to be the best version of yourself on your wedding day, You want to celebrate in a dress that shows the confident, amazing and beautiful woman that you are and you want to sweep the man or woman you are going to marry off of their feet - you have every reason and right to be cautious about it. 


This dress is going to see the light of the day for exactly one glorious day in its life - wouldn't it be amazing to just let go, relax and have a hell of a good time with it? Wouldn't it be amazing to know you enjoyed every single minute wearing it without having to worry about it and BECAUSE of that looked fabulous? 

I can't even tell you how much I LOVE dirty dresses. YES! 
It's an obsession. 

Dirty gowns tell stories of bold and down to earth brides. Brides who know life isn't perfect and beautiful because of it. Brides who know their wedding day is a symbol for something so much bigger than a few stains here and there. 



Speaking of dirt stains - unless you did jump in said mud puddle or frog pond before the ceremony (I'd still be on board with this - just sayin'!), no one's gonna notice. People will be busy having fun, crying through the ceremony and having a good time afterwards. I promise, no one is going to question a few stains, because it's not a big deal. Try to think of every wedding you have ever attended... have you noticed dirt on the dress? And if so - is that what you remember from this entire day? At the end of the day, every dress gets dirty - no matter how much caution you took - and it's fine.

What I can assure you from my own experience as a wedding and elopement photographer is this: No bride has ever regretted being able to worry less and enjoy more. What we remember, is how we shared that day with our loved ones, the whole experience of the wedding day. If in doubt - ask a married friend. Whether it's just the two of you or together with your wedding guests - a little dirt on that gown is not what matters in the end. In fact, a little dirt on that dress is going to make for super epic photos and a carefree wedding day. And your man? I promise you that as well: He's going to love you even more for being so totally cool with it.

My advice: Own that dress! Run with us through that field, let your man swirl you around, let's climb that rock - all in the name of making some bloody good memories. 




PS: If you want to hop into a puddle of mud or frog pond, be my guest.