Sunrise Wedding Anniversary in the Austrian Alps


In case you’ve ever wondered if a sunrise after-wedding can be as epic as a sunset session - let me tell you, yes it can! In fact, getting up at 2am and driving to the trailhead with a cup of coffee has a little bit of an expedition feeling. You are full of stoke and excitement for the upcoming adventure!

Getting ready out in the dark under the stars in the quiet of the night, surrounded by nature and preparing to watch the sunrise.

This one was especially beautiful and serendipitously right on their first anniversary.
Guest star of the session was their sweet tinker who spends its summer holidays right on those beautiful alpine meadows. As much rain as they had seen on their wedding day, the sun made up for it on their anniversary. Kudos to my couples for being so awesome!

Why I love sunrise after wedding sessions and elopements:

1) The weather is more stable

In Austria during summertime the daily mantra is: to thunderstorm, or not to thunderstorm - that is the question! Late afternoon/evening thunderstorms can be a daily thing in the Alps in summer - they are short and intense and vanish as fast as they came. However, they are a threat you don't want to run into especially while being in the mountains with no shelter in sight. Shooting in the morning is a lot safer and the weather is typically better.

2) The day still lies ahead of you

Getting up at 2am in the morning sounds awful - but it isn’t! Once you’re out of bed and ready to roll, the excitement for what’s going to happen kicks in. You have the whole day still ahead of you, not ending right then and there.

3) More Privacy

Not many people will be doing what' you’re doing - therefore you can count on much more, if not 100% privacy while watching the sunrise and spending time with your love in a beautiful spot, soaking in the experience of this adventure in the mountains.