Candice and Grant’s Dolomites elopement at Lago di Braies was so full of love, intention and adventure that I can’t but share their experience. Having met during the pandemic, their dates often revolved around outdoor activities such as hiking or picnicking in the woods. One of their first big adventures together as a couple was heading to Morraine Lake, Banff at 4am to hike to a viewpoint and watch a new day unfold. 

Soon they knew that this was what they wanted for their wedding day and that a traditional wedding never felt right for them. They decided to elope and plan a trip to Italy that reflected their relationship in their elopement day activities! One thing that was important to them was choosing a location they had never been to before, but reminded them of their memorable trip to Banff.

But how do you mix romance, silliness, a little hiking adventure on a mountain AND a piercing blue mirror lake together in one day? You choose a location that has it all: the Italian Dolomites!

We started out on a wonderfully and unusually warm September morning on the private docks of Lago di Braies (Find the best tips on how to elope at Lago Braies here), where they had the boats and the lake view all for themselves. The water was so calm it looked like a perfect mirror glaze on a cake. After paddling around with the wooden boat, enjoying the views and watching a perfect sunrise, we explored the shore for a bit. Just as it started filling up with other visitors quickly – we decided to warmed up with a hot cup of cocoa before we changed location for lunch and onto our next destination. 

The weather and the day couldn’t have been more perfect – exploring the Dolomites until sunset when it was time for their vows during the most spectacular light. After a champagne toast and when it couldn’t have been a more perfect elopement day for them, Grant pulled out two sets of Mickey Mouse ears as a surprise for Candice who’s a huge Disney fan. It’s those little things that can make an elopement day super personal and unique! Candice’s smile was priceless. After the sunset, they witnessed a spectacular moonrise over the Dolomites, before wrapping up the day and hiking back in the dark.