This Engagement Photoshoot Will Make You Consider Eloping In The Mountains

April 22, 2019

When Shirin dropped me an E-Mail a few months ago, asking if I could be doing an engagement photoshoot in the mountains of Austria, I wanted to hug her immediately and scream HELL YES – we CAN! I get weirdly excited every time a couple asks if we can incorporate the beautiful nature and especially the mountains we live in into their pre-wedding photo session, if we can go above and beyond to create something epic and wildly beautiful.

I absolutely love when couples are into this as much as I am, when they are willing to drive a few miles and shoot at times they might not expect to be doing a shoot, exploring the area and going for a walk and take in the beautiful scenery. When they don’t know what to expect but fully trust what I do, even though thinking I might me crazy (ask these two, I’m sure they did!)

As with every photo location I haven’t been to before (and yes, that happens very often), I do a lot of research on location possibilities, scenery, angles, the angles of the sun and will plan accordingly for the best light. I arrive at least an hour early to make final location check and find the most beautiful engagement photo spots. Amazing locations and great light aren’t luck, as photographers we plan for these results!

This couple session was one of my favorites in Austria!