This mountain wedding in Bavaria makes you want to get married in Germany

August 15, 2018



Mountain wedding in Bavaria 

What happens when a thunderstorm, a hungry horse and a bunch of cows try to crash your wedding? Well, you bet it’s going to be epic! Sina, Fabian and Janna, two avid climbers and their dog –  had gathered their loved ones at the most perfect venue that resembles their personalities: the beautifully rustic and typical Stie-Alm mountain hut lodge in Lenggries, Bavaria. The village of Lenggries is just a 1 hour 15 minute car drive from Munich. After the cable car ride all the way up to 1500 metres sea level, it’s a 30 minute hike to reach the Stie-Alm lodge, but certainly no challenge for their outdoorsy guests! They arrived with their backpacks and smiles to attend the lovely bafrefoot outdoor ceremony held on a secluded alpine meadow with the Bavarian Alps as their witness. Not even a roaring thunderstorm which delayed the ceremony for an hour could cloud people’s stoke for the happy day. When Sina climbed in her dress over puddles of mud to find her groom for the first look, I was amazed by their uncomplicated personalities and happiness. As a wedding photographer in Germany I get to see many venues and places, but this one definitely was one of my favorites so far. Peaceful and idyllic, just like you picture Bavaria and the German Alps.



Oh!!!! These are insanely good!! You are such an incredible Mountain Wedding Bavaria Photog!

Oh wow this Bavarian mountain wedding is seriously goals!! I love that first look on the hillside! Your tones are amazing too!!

Love that they were flexible and willing to go with the flow! So worth it for that first look location…and the ceremony meadow is to die for! I’ll definitely be adding the Balvarian Alps to my bucket list!

Wow! This wedding in the Alps is seriously so gorgeous! You captured every little detail perfectly!

Daniela this is absolutely beautiful!!!! Now adding shooting an elopement in the Alps to my bucket list because I swear this looks straight out of a dream.

I’m dying! This is soooo beautiful! Take me along to second shoot your next Alps Wedding 🙂 Everything about this is squeezing my heart. All the details, the first look, and the cow! What a dream Boho Bavaria Mountain Wedding!!!

You told this story so well & captured every part of the day, and all of the emotions so well. These images are breathtaking & I know they will cherish them forever. Love everything about this mountain alps wedding.

Love the white Chuck Taylor’s. The mountain wedding in the alps is not too bad either. Lovely imagery.

Oh my goodness! What a stunning Mountain alps wedding! You captured it so beautifully!

Bavaria! What an amazing wedding in the Alps!! Gorgeous images!

This Boho Mountain Wedding Bavaria is so dang beautiful! All the colours, be still my heart!