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Italian ALPS and Dolomites Fall Elopement Inspiration 


There is something absolutely magic about the mountains in fall. The summers are always shorter and usually the first place to experience fall foliage. The air clears up, the chance of the almost daily doze of random summer thunderstorms is low, the views stretch into infinity again and colors seem to gain on strength. Maybe it's the melancholy that summertime comes to an end and winter time is just around the corner, maybe it's the realization nature's circle of life has seen yet another year go by: Fall is my most favorite season of the year! So we decided to bring together the wilderness of nature, luscious colors with berry and black as our heroes (yes, black is a color!), some amazing calligraphy work and voila - we got all the ingredients for our Dolomites and Alps inspired fall elopement.

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Couple: Elke&Edi  //  Dress:  // Florals:  Judith Thamer:  // Papeterie: // Cake:  Angelika Fasching "Genussmomente" // Jewelry : Kirstin Wiedl "Goldschmiede Wiedl" // Hair&Make-up: Anna Unterberger