Hiking After Wedding In The Dolomites

October 22, 2019

Rachel and Brendan are two true adventurers! Only a week after they got married in the Adirondacks in Upstate New York, they hopped on a plane off to their honeymoon in Europe. One thing they really wanted to do and have been dreaming of was a hiking after wedding in the Dolomites and I’m so glad they chose me to be their partner in crime!

Fall is the perfect time for an after wedding in the mountains as the weather is more stable than in summer and the air is clear and not as hazy. When I met Rachel and Brendan, they were full of stoke – not only because the days leading up to this adventure session they had already been hangglider flying, ferrata climbing in Switzerland and hiking around Cortina d’Ampezzo. What a kick-ass way to spend your honeymoon!

As we started our tour, it took us about 40 minutes of easy-moderate hiking to reach this beautiful spot and we stopped plenty of times to take the incredible scenery in. Kudos for being so amazing and hiking in their wedding outfits!

Rachel’s wedding dress turned out to perfect for all the whirling, flipping, swooshing and dragging over gravel and stone and I absolutely love to quote her words of wisdom:

“When you spend that much money on a dress you might as well wear it twice and go for a hike in it to make sure it looks extra worn.”


Brides – repeat after me: we want to make the most of our dresses and have a good time!

For some people it may seem crazy to hike in a dress, but if you ask me: that’s exactly what you should do!! It got used in the best way possible and really, that’s what it’s all about. Even your wedding day is way too short to walk on eggshells with your dress!


Wow! I know these paths by heart cause I have also brought there my couples. Dolomites are the best in Fall <3 So lovely your unique point of view for the places I know so well.

Wow this location is unreal and you captured it so perfectly!! Absolutely stunning!

These are freaking stunning!!!! Wow!!!

What a stunning day in the Dolomites! So incredibly beautiful for a hiking elopement location!

This is epic! What an amazing adventure!!

These don’t even look like planet earth. What a gorgeous hike and an amazing session for your couple. Stunning work!

God, these photos are GORGEOUS! You totally should get full use out of your wedding dress–I couldn’t agree more!!

Oh my gosh those mountains! You captured them incredibly 🙌🏻

One of my favorite spots in the Dolomites. So beautiful!

Such a good idea!! I love when people are wanting more photos in their dress! These images are stunning and you cannot beat that location!!