Wedding Vows in the Austrian Alps

Dreamy Adventure Elopement In Austria

Exactly one year after Dominik proposed to Sarah, these two sweethearts got married in Austria. They had been on a roadtrip in Scotland and Dominik carried the ring with him at all times, waiting for the right moment. On a rainy hike he pulled out the engagement ring and the rest is, as they say, history.

Fast forward today, the couple from Austria is preparing for their elopement in the heart of the Alps. It wasn’t Corona that made the decision for them to elope and celebrate a two person micro wedding. They knew all along that this was exactly how they wanted to their wedding to be, while celebrating with their families on another day.

Both are avid hikers and so they had a perfect location in mind. They chose the mountains of Schladming, a region in the heart of Austria famous for its skiing resorts, international skiing competitions and beautiful mountain ranges. They also knew they didn’t want to do all the planning alone, both busy with their jobs and knowing that they wanted to have a completely stress free day, they hired wedding planner Janine.

Why more is more

One of their prime goals for their wedding day was to soak in every minute of it. They wanted to avoid a stressful day and and they didn’t want it to be over too quickly. They knew their elopement wasn’t going to be a 1 hour gig – but a worthy celebration of their love that they are going to remember for the rest of their lives.

We started with the brid and groom getting ready at a cozy cabin before we headed off to the civil ceremony location at nature resort Naturhotel Höflehner. Civil ceremonies in Austria take place at designated locations – like town halls, castles, hotels, etc. After the ceremony they celebrated with a pint of Guinness and cutting the cake. Then we headed to their vow reading location that they had picked because it combined the beauty of the Austrian mountains with a moody Scottish vibe. A crystal clear lake, a waterfall and mountains peaks were the backdrop for their emotional vows.

Vows are one of my favorite part of elopements – especially when there is no audience around and the only person to share it with is your partner.

These two rocked their elopement and I can’t be more proud to have been part of their special day!


Absolutely Stunning photos!! What a beautiful elopement! And so glad they got to spend it just the way they wanted to! Love it! ❤️❤️

Wow this is just SO pretty. From the flowers to her dress flowing to the waterfall…all such a beautiful day. They must have been in LOVE with their photos from you.

OMG my mind just exploded by all this gorgeousness. Literally a dream wedding day right here. And these two were obviously so lucky to have you there to document it as beautifully as you did. Wonderful job!

Awwww! So SO beautiful! I feel I was there with them, this is how amazing your work is, her dress was so adorable and her flower crown so beautiful!

Wow-this is just so incredible! The events of tHe day, the location—-so stunning!

oMG! OMG! OMG! Now I have to go to Austria. It’s so freaking breathtaking! Love that they had always wanted to elope even before the pandemic.

These are gorgeous and inspiring! I love how you snuck in small details and the landscapes throughout the day!

ummm this is SO stunning!! Austria is gorgeous, and this was such a beautiful adventurous elopement!