A wedding vow renewal in the Austrian Alps I Austria Wedding Photographer


A wedding vow renewal in the Austrian Alps

Holy heck did these two rock their wedding vow renewal in the mountains of Austria! Haley and Hans wanted to celebrate their marriage in a very special way and decided to spend their fifth anniversary in the mountains of Austria to renew their wedding vows.

They flew to Europe directly from a wedding in Los Angeles, but due to technical problems they missed their connection flight in New York. A sleepless night, two rescheduled flights and a train ride later, they finally arrived in Austria and only had an hour to shower, slip into their wedding outfits, get some caffeine in them and throw themselves in my car to drive towards Austria's highest mountain. They told me that right before I showed up they had felt pretty crappy, but who wouldn't after a travel marathon and chaos at the airport?

Once we arrived in the mountains, we hiked up a hill at a location I had scouted previously and they picked a spot where they wanted to say their vows to each other. They pulled out their letters and as they started to read the first few words to each other, all the challenges of the last 48 hours were forgotten. They excitement and stoke to be right were they wanted to be for their anniversary washed away all frustration. They were right in the zone even before starting to read the first lines of their vows and both already shed tears, shared kisses and smiles.

It was one of the most moving moments I have ever witnessed, surrounded by epic views and the snowy peaks of the Austrian Alps. Looking at their smiles, would you have been able to guess this incredible background story?

If you think vow renewals, adventure sessions and even elopements always go according to plan, let’s have a moment of real talk here: nope, that's NOT always the case.

However, when something does go wrong or Plan B or C needs to kick in, what you CAN do is go about it with the right mindset and think about Haley and Hans:

If your plans go South, don't fret.

Think about WHO it is you are doing it with and make the best out of the situation. This couple certainly did! And when they took a well deserved nap on the way back I smiled to myself and couldn't believe how absolutely awesome the couples I get to work with are!