This is such an awesome resource! And I love the word “floofability” 😂

What a great post! There are a lot of different factors that come into play with an elopement vs a wedding. Sometimes instead of just “can i sit in this dress” it’s “can I hike and scramble over rocks in this dress”. You have some really great tips in here!

Seriously such good information about choosing an elopement dress!! Dresses make such a difference in the vibe of the photos and you’ve listed all the things someone needs to think about so well!

Such wonderful advice to all the lovely engaged women out there looking for an elopement dress! Whenever I see a dress with a high “floofability factor”, I scream with excitement!

What a fantastic guide!! And such gorgeous photos! Such great advice in here when it comes to picking an elopement dress, and the example photos you used were beautiful! Totally inspired!

This is a fantastic write up! Super insightful to consider all these element when selecting the dream gown. Thank you for taking the time to share your expertise!!

Such good advice! ESpecially with the light pastels aGainst the snow. Not a lot of brides consider this, but it is sooo important to know.

I absolutely love this blog post. As a newly engaged wedding photography i found this extremely helpful. there are so many beautiful styles to choose from and so much to consider and you summarized it perfectly- and with stunning photography! love your style and advice!