Hi! This is me, Daniela. 
Born and raised in Austria.
Photographer. Writer. Nature Lover.


I have spent a good part of my life out and about travelling and I'm extremely grateful for that opportunity. If it hadn't been for all those experiences, you wouldn't be here right now reading those lines. 

In the end, it's those experiences and memories that shape us, and to which we look back to when we are old and grey. 

When I'm off to my own adventures, I rarely bring my camera in order to fully enjoy and soak in the present moment (and because gear is heavy, people!) - however, a few snapshots have made it here and there and survived over the years.  Courtesy of family, friends and self timer mode. 


random Fun Facts about me:


  • I love animals and can't walk past an earthworm that needs help

  • I have lived twice in the US - Florida and California

  • When I was little, I either wanted to become a vet or a marine biologist (but since blood makes me faint and there is no ocean in Austria, I decided to study journalism)

  • I am the butler of two sassy cats

  • I realize the older I get, the happier I am with having less.

  • I travelled by bicycle around New Zealand and made a dream come true

  • I hate shopping

  • I would love to own a camper van and explore the world with it one day!

  • I only function with lots and lots of coffee in the morning

  • One of the craziest things I've ever done involves a night dive in extreme current to watch the mating dance of the rare mandarin fish (everytime I think about it, it makes me laugh because we never saw one single fish!))

  • I love sitting outside on the porch while watching a thunderstorm build up

  • My favorite authors of all time are Michael Ende (who I wish would still be alive) and Walter Moers aaand JK Rowling

  • I'm terrified of flying, yet I do it over and over again

  • Ice cream and chocolate makes everything better. Everything. Always.

  • One "thing" I really wish I had is a sister or a brother (or both!)

  • To be continued....