What better canvas is there to set out for an adventure wedding or a couple session?

ELOpements and free spirit weddings rock!

Having travelled and roamed a good part of the world and lived abroad, I feel most alive in nature and quiet landscapes. What better canvas is there to set out for an adventure wedding or a couple session than what mother nature has already given us in all shapes and forms? I'm thrilled to see more and more people around the world combining their love for travel, the outdoors and nature with the idea to get married or have a symbolic ceremony in a very special, meaningful way to THEM. 

I believe saying "yes" to your favorite human being is the easiest and most beautiful thing in the world when you love that special someone from the bottom of your heart. Everytime I meet a couple for the first time, this is the first question I ask: how did you meet? I'm curious and hungry about those stories and something happens when you ask people about them. Their expression softens as I watch their emotions and reactions unfold while they go back in time to recall those very first steps - it's fascinating! There are always a lot of smiles and laughter involved as they share how they got together. Every story is unique, every couple has its quirks, inside jokes and own dynamics. 

 Wedding photography is not just about pretty images. It's about the people, their stories and connections. I'm human too and I don't want to be a stranger or just another vendor to you. I want to be the laid-back, easy-going, fun and sometimes crazy human being that I am when I'm around my own family and friends. This level of trust and being comfortable should go both ways! I want this experience to be as pleasant, easy and joyful for you as it can possibly be. It should feel like we are old friends heading out for the best day of your life.

Our relationship is probably the most important (and sometimes underrated) factor when creating images. I want you to feel comfortable, safe and not having to worry about a thing when we are out taking images. There is no secret sauce to beautiful images but yes, this is the secret sauce.  



Why do I love outdoor weddings and engagement sessions so much?

Ha! That's an easy one! 

I have spent a good part of my life out and about travelling and I'm extremely excited every time I explore a new country or place I have never been to before. The feeling of exploring the unknown is so energizing to me that I thrive in this environment. Every time I'm outdoors, whether it's on my bike or hiking - I'm consciously and unconsciously location scouting. Looking at and analyzing light is something you just can't help being a photographer.
When I'm off to my own adventures, I rarely bring my camera in order to fully enjoy and soak in the present moment - however, a few snapshots have made it and survived over the years.